Pest Inspections

What is a pest inspection?

Do I need one?

Termites cause almost $5 billion dollars in home damage every year. Even worse, most home insurance providers don’t cover damage caused by termites. 

Pest inspections for a home help uncover current and potential issues from an insect, bug, or termite infestation. Structural damage related to pests can often go unnoticed until it’s too late; costing hundreds or thousands of dollars in damage. 

Yes, you should have your home inspected for pests during the home inspection process, but also annually after you purchase a home. 

Our process involves looking for signs of invasion and damage caused by termites and wood-boring beetles. We check points of entry for pests at the foundation, roofline, and windows. We also check for conditions that would encourage pest activity and growth. Even though a house is not currently experiencing a pest problem, certain moisture conditions can create the right atmospher for wood-destroying organisms and termites.  

What we look for:

• Termites and termite damage
• Ants and ant-related damage
• Other pests including mice, rats, bats, fleas, roaches, and bed bugs

Please read: Pest inspections are performed by a licensed third-party during the time of your home inspection. Perception Property Services is on-site with our pest expert during their inspection. 


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