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Peace of mind before listing your home.

Thinking about a pre-listing inspection?

Putting your home on the market? Sellers can hire Perception Property Services to perform a pre-listing inspection to identify potential problems before listing. This can help you get a head-start on fixing problems that could affect the value of your home. We can help identify potentially expensive problems and help you avoid surprises when negotiating the sale of your home. 

Identify Repairs Early and Avoid Surprises
Assess repairs and fix them before listing your home. This also helps uncover expensive repairs that may be lurking. Let’s help avoid negotiation stumbling blocks!

Save Time and Sell Faster
Fix repairs after a pre-inspection to save time and create a smoother negotiation process with buyers. Having a pre-inspection gives your buyers confidence that you have nothing to hide.   

Price Your Home Accurately
Offer a more competitive selling price because of the new knowledge you’ve gained from a pre-listing insepction. 

Our Other Services

Radon Testing

Never heard of Radon? Find out if the home you’re buying contains dangerous levels of this invisible carcinogen. Get your home checked today!

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Pest Inspection

Home inspections don’t include the detection and documentation of pests, like termites or carpenter ants. But these pests can create major problems and be costly to remediate.

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Water Quality

Of all the things that you use in your house, water is the most vital and essential for healthy living. We can test the quality of your water so you can be confident that it is safe.

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