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How do you know that your water is safe?

Know and be confident that the water in your home is safe for your entire family. Contaminants in your home’s water can enter in many different ways. Allowing an expert to test your drinking water will give you the peace of mind that you are consuming healthy, contaiminate-free water. Water contaminants can affect your health through drinking, showering, and even your laundry.  

At Perception Property Services, we can professionally test your home’s drinking water and help you identify possible risks to your water supply. If your home receives water from a public government municipality (city water), you should receive a water quality report every year. Contact your local provider if you would like a report or if you didn’t receive one.

Contaminants can come from many other sources:

  • chemicals and minerals that occur naturally

  • contaminants from plumbing materials in your home

  • sewage contamination

  • local land use by agricultural companies, farms, and manufacturing 

Important: If you receive water from a household or private well and not a community water municipality, it is highly recommended that you have your water tested. Water served by a household well is not tested or monitored like “city water”. You alone are responsible for the water quality if you utilize well water. 

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